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14 Billion Consumer IoT Devices by 2020: 4 Highlights You Shouldn’t Miss at the Mobile World Congress 2017

Kimberly Meyer


We’re looking forward to the Mobile World Congress 2017, which begins on February 27th in Barcelona. As announced in our recent Sneak Preview, the range of innovative consumer IoT devices will be one of the highlights at this year’s get-together of the global tech industry. Today we’ll have a closer look at the IoT segment and present four highlights that you should definitely not miss.



Once again, for the records: According to Gartner, around 14 billion consumer IoT devices will be in use by 2020. The promise by many of the world’s leading mobile and IoT brands but also hundreds of young startups are tempting: Small networked devices will help us to better manage our everyday lives, become more efficient at work, have more fun during leisure time, and manage our health in a more controlled way. Customers are likely to spend more than $1.5 trillion on consumer IoT devices in 2020 alone – a huge market with massive growth potential! Let’s take a look at four highlights awaiting us at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

1. Alcatel Innovation Accelerator: Smart Home at Its Best

Known in France as a forerunner of its industry, MyFox has become established worldwide within a very short amount of time as a technologically leading supplier of solutions in the area of home security. The interconnected devices are now considered a benchmark for best-in-class security and automation in the home. The MyFox security camera has received many awards and more innovative products are in the pipeline. We’re excited to see how the French smart home innovator is going to keep up with its predominantly US-based competitors Apple, Google & Co. Take a peek at the booth of the Alcatel Innovation Accelerator, where you can discover many other interesting IoT startups in addition to MyFox.
Alcatel @ #MWC17: 4YFN, Hall 8, Stand 11

2. DyCare: Monitor, Analyze, Heal

The principle is simple: A small networked device monitors the body’s movements, such as after an accident and during the healing process. Since Fitbit & Co., we already know that wearable devices and fitness trackers can be helpful companions for the health system. DyCare even takes it one step further in developing and introducing a new monitoring device that keeps track and visualizes all of the body’s kinetic data. Questions about data security and privacy remain to be clarified. Still, extremely interesting and absolutely well worth seeing!
DyCare @ #MWC17: 4YFN, Hall 8, Stand J1.4

3. Samsung: Virtual Reality and Wearables

The mystic project name Samsung C-Lab unifies the innovation projects of the South Korean consumer electronics giant and deals with IoT devices. For example, it takes a look at virtual reality headsets and tries to repair the early failure of models such as Google Glass and takes it even one step further. Practical applications are at the heart of this year’s presence of Samsung, for instance in the sports field with innovations for skiing and cycling. The new version of Google’s Android Wear platform suggests that in the near future, Samsung will introduce a new version of its popular smart watch. Additionally, a competitor to Amazon’s Echo can also be expected.
Samsung @ #MWC17: 4YFN, Stand G1

4. Google: The Universal IoT Talent

We could name Amazon, Apple and Microsoft at this point, but it’s actually Google that permeates all areas of our daily lives more than any other tech company and is thus qualified as leading in the consumer IoT market in the long run. Following the acquisition of Nest, the Californians offer a sophisticated system of monitoring your own four walls. With version 2.0 of its Android Wear platform, Google brings momentum to the market for wearables. And with Android, the tech giant is generally well positioned in the mobile domain for the years to come. It could hardly go wrong and we are excited for what has yet to come from Google in terms of consumer IoT.
Google @ #MWC17: 4YFN, Hall 8

Summary: The consumer IoT market is becoming one of the most exciting areas of the global tech industry. We are looking forward to many new highlights at the Mobile World Congress 2017, starting on February 27.

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Kimberly Meyer
is the Head of Global Marketing & Communication at B2X.

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