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6 Reasons Why Smartphone DIY Repair Kits Will Be a Good Idea But Still Not a Great Solution in 2018

Kimberly Meyer


DIY Repair Kits for smartphones has been one of the big hype topics this year. Many people favor the trend towards self-repair. Especially younger generations such as Millennials and Gen Z shy away from going to the nearest repair shop and are simply looking for a quick and uncomplicated solution. But are DIY Kits really a good solution?



1. It’s Faster With DIY Kits 


Tomorrow’s after-sales service revolves around the speed with which a problem is solved. In our global study Smartphone & IoT Consumer Trends, we found that customers currently have to wait up to three weeks for their smartphone to be repaired – and this at a time when mobile companions are needed at all hours, both during day and night. Our dependency on smartphones has never been greater and DIY solutions promise quick help if a hardware problem arises. Ordered in just a few clicks, the online shop delivers the smartphone Repair Kit via express delivery and everything will work again like normal after two days at the latest. 


2. Do It Yourself Is the Trend 


“Generation Y Has Become Generation DIY,” titled the Millennial Marketing blog. Millennials and Gen Z prefer to solve problems on their own. DIY is considered as an expression of maximum individuality. The repair portal Instructables is pushing the limits of this development and B2X Care Solutions | Rosenheimer Str. 145 D | 81671 Munich | provides a guide on how to build your own smartphone. Anyone who thinks that the DIY economy is a niche market for tech nerds is mistaken. The repair portal iFixit has rapidly grown from a website for hobbyists to a 21 million dollar company. Selling DIY Kits and spare parts generate 90 percent of iFixit’s turnover.


3. Cheap and Environmentally Friendly 


Who doesn’t say, “Yes” to environmental protection? However, fewer people say “Yes” to protecting the environment when it comes at a higher cost. But “Yes” to environmental protection AND lower prices – this is something almost everyone can agree on. Providers of DIY Repair Kits attract customers by saying that their idea is not only good for the environment and saves valuable resources, but that their solution is also much cheaper than a professional repair service. That may be true, but there are good reasons for this price difference – this has to do with the disadvantages of DIY Repair Kits and the advantages of professional repair services… 


4. Professional Diagnosis Is Required 


If the only tool you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail. Unfortunately, smartphone defects are not as easy to solve as simply hammering a nail. There can be many causes for a non-functioning smartphone. Trained service technicians first perform a professional diagnosis before deciding what the problem is – and how to solve it. Even for obvious cases such as broken displays, it’s possible that further damage may be present inside the smartphone, which will only be visible after a diagnosis with suitable measuring instruments. 


5. Trusted Quality with Service Guarantee 


Professional service providers give customers a service guarantee on a repair that is performed – which in many EU countries is even required by law. A first-time repair often results in consequential damage. Smartphones are complex devices, which is why not all causes are always resolved with the first repair. As uncomfortable as such situations may be: Customers who turn to professional service providers can count on them to help within the service warranty period – and even free of charge. 


6. With Manufacturer’s Warranty and Original Parts 


All leading smartphone brands promise their customers a limited hardware warranty, which, however, does not cover accidental damage such as a broken display. Anyone who uses a DIY Repair Kit in this case violates the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty in two ways: Most DIY Kits do not use original spare parts, and opening the smartphone by people not certified is considered a breach of the warranty anyhow. If you want to keep your warranty, look for an officially certified repair provider who cooperates with the manufacturer, has the appropriate training and only uses original spare parts. 


Summary: DIY Repair Kits provide those willing to take greater risks a quick and affordable solution for smartphone defects. However, those who are quality-conscious should turn to official manufacturer services. B2X operates the official out-of-warranty service for Lenovo and Motorola. And in order to increase service speed, B2X has entered a partnership with Google and provides in-home repair services. Our goal for 2018: Make customer care even faster and better – we’re working on it! 


Kimberly Meyer is Head of Global Marketing & Communication at B2X.

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