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Hot on the Heels of Insurtech Startups: Established Insurance Companies Turbocharge Into the Future

Robert Aderan


Insurtech Players Focus on a Perfect Customer Experience and Disrupt the Insurance Market

Robert Aderan


4 Reasons Why the Stagnant Smartphone and Mobile Device Market May Rebound in 2017

Kimberly Meyer


14 Billion Consumer IoT Devices by 2020: 4 Highlights You Shouldn’t Miss at the Mobile World Congress 2017

Kimberly Meyer


Consumer IoT and Smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2017: A Sneak Preview by B2X



Artificial Intelligence in Customer Care: Will Machine Learning & Co. Eventually Replace Human Service Experts?

Ranjeet Walunj


Smartphones And Consumer IoT Devices Are Becoming Even Smarter: On The Way To An Ambient Customer Care Experience

Ranjeet Walunj


Augmented Reality Disrupts The Customer Care Experience – How Service Science Fiction Comes True

Ranjeet Walunj


Digital Transformation Is Accelerating Customer Experience Innovations in the Mobile Industry in 2017 and Beyond



More Than the Sum of Its Parts: Why Customer Experience Will Continue to Keep Us on Our Toes in 2017

Kimberly Meyer


Service and Quality Initiative Elevates Chinese Smartphone Manufacturers to the Champions League

Chen Liang


Why a Superior Customer Care Experience Relies on End-to-End Supply Chain Management



3 Ways Real-Time Data and Analytics Improve Customer Care Operations in the Mobile Industry



4 Key Ingredients for Operational Excellence in Customer Care



How IoT Will Change the Way Businesses Collect Customer Insights

By Philipp Rennert and Jan Stuebben


How Billions of Connected IoT Devices Are Transforming the Insurance Industry

Philipp Rennert and Jan Stuebben


The Underestimated Risk: Why Mobile and IoT Security Are So Critical

Philipp Rennert and Jan Stuebben


Provide Service Through the Eyes of Your Customer

Kimberly Meyer


Service Champions – 6 Examples of Excellent Customer Service

Kimberly Meyer


Loyalty or Disloyalty – How Customer Service Impacts Your Brand

Kimberly Meyer


Smartphones Break More Often Than You Would Think – Here’s What You Can Do to Bring Your Mobile Back to Life

Robert Aderan


Smartphone Insurance – Do You Really Need One and What Should It Cover?

Robert Aderan


10 Tips To Protect Your Smartphone All Summer Long

Robert Aderan


Multi-Billion Dollar Used Smartphone Market – A Win-Win Situation for Developing Countries and the Planet

Kimberly Meyer


Why Owning the End-to-End Customer Journey is the Key to Success

Kimberly Meyer


What we need for the Future

Yuki Braun


How Billions of IoT Devices Will Turn the Connected Digital Lifestyle Eventually into Reality

Chen Liang


How we escape a Smartphone Crisis – the perspective of a Millennial

Yuki Braun


Virtual Reality Moves From Hype to Reality – Check Out the Hottest Tech Trend at MWC Shanghai



Inside the Mind of a Millennial

Yuki Braun


Sneak Peak at MWC Shanghai – 3 Highlights You Should Not Miss At Asia’s Biggest Mobile Industry Event

Chen Liang


How Swedish Micro-Insurance Pioneer BIMA Makes Protection Affordable for Everyone

Kimberly Meyer


How Digital Addiction Creates a $50 Billion Business Opportunity for the Insurance Industry

Kimberly Meyer


Insurtech Startup simplesurance Innovates the Customer Experience With the Help of B2X

Philipp Rennert, Jan Stuebben


»We Are Beyond the Digital Tipping Point and Most Insurance Players Work Extremely Hard to Stay in the Game«

Kimberly Meyer


How Self-Service Kiosks Might Change the Service Experience for Smartphone Owners

Wolf-Christof Matthaeus


The Future of Smartphones – Will We See Incremental Improvements or Disruptive Innovations?

Kimberly Meyer


Building Lifetime Customer Experience – How Customer Service Changed the Automotive Industry



Chinese Smartphone Brands on the Rise – Beautiful Design, Classic Features and Excellent Value for Money

Chen Liang


Why Face-to-Face Service in Retail Stores Remains a Cornerstone of any Modern Customer Care Strategy

Krisztián Kovács


Instant Help at the Customer’s Fingertips – Smartphone App Empowers Users to Solve Issues Before They Arise

Jose Marquez Martinez


Modern Customer Care Helps to Ensure That Smartphone Users Stay Connected

Christian von Stengel, Chief Digital Officer

Christian von Stengel, Chief Digital Officer, B2X Care Solutions



How Data As A Service Can Help Customer Care Organizations Improve the Customer Experience

Christian von Stengel, Chief Digital Officer


This may not be new news, but here goes: To improve the customer journey, you must spend less time on...

Mobile Industry Highlights That You Don’t Want to Miss at Mobile World Congress 2016

Kimberly Meyer


Some of the biggest players of the mobile industry gather every year in Barcelona for the GSMA Mobile World Congress...

Smartphone Insurance Sales Keep Growing But Consumer Expectations, Too

Kimberly Meyer


Given the increasing use of electronic devices in everyday life, insurance and protection plans have become an...

Internet of Things 2016 and Beyond: Billions Of Devices Need Customer Service Now

Kimberly Meyer


The Internet of Things (IoT) is not fiction any longer. Smart watches, activity trackers and other...

“Device Mesh” – How Multi-Device Usage Changes The Customer Experience

Kimberly Meyer


 I see myself as an advanced technology user – not a geek but certainly above average. Lately, I started to feel...

Smart Home Market Takes Off With New Opportunities in Customer Care

Kimberly Meyer


 Bad news for science fiction fans: The famous smart refrigerator, which orders everything you need for your...

Moving Towards a Wallet-less Society in 2016 and Beyond

Kimberly Meyer


Mobile payments are finally finding their way into everyday transactions. As consumers continue their shift towards everything mobile, it’s no...

Big Data Grows Up – And Helps Improve the Customer Experience

Kimberly Meyer


2016 will be less about the »bigness« of big data, and more about tangible...

Optimizing Customer Service by Region: China

Chen Liang


This post is part of a series of regional posts based on insights from our...

Optimizing Customer Service by Region: Asia

Alfred Lim


Asia is one of the most closely watched mobile landscapes in the world today....

Optimizing Customer Service by Region: LATAM

Rodrigo Angel, Regional Director of Latin America at B2X


This post is part of a series of regional posts based on insights from our outstanding executives around the globe. 


4 Mobile Apps Revolutionizing Customer Care

Kimberly Meyer


With more than a billion mobile phones and 200 million tablets sold last year,...

The Power of Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction

Ehab Elhosary

The relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is a well-trod topic that’s been covered many times in research. While we know that...

Self-Help Solutions Pave the Way to Customer Satisfaction

Maximillian Grabmayr, Director Product, B2X


With digital technology, today’s consumer expects to receive immediate and...

5 Key Considerations to Successfully Engage with Millennials and Gen Z

Kimberly Meyer

The importance of understanding the customer service expectations of Millennials and Generation Z cannot be underestimated. With over 80...

Managing the Entire Customer Journey is Key

Dieter Weißhaar

Many consumers would give up their TVs or even their best friends for a week before giving up their smartphones1!



The Huge Potential of Mobile Device Protection Plans in Emerging Markets

Robert Aderan

In our previous post, we talked about the popularity of ...

The Evolution of Mobile Technology

Kimberly Meyer



Smartphone Protection Plans: Why Are They So Popular in the U.S.?

Harald Fesenbeckh


Nearly two-thirds (64%) of American consumers own a smartphone,1 and the maturity of the U.S. mobile...

The Power of Technology and Customer Data

Kimberly Meyer

To truly differentiate themselves, most companies are realizing more and more that offering the right customer touchpoint at the right time is key to...

Humanization Changes the Face of the Customer Experience

Kimberly Meyer


Automation has helped shape companies into efficient, well-oiled machines and enabled businesses to grow rapidly. For...

Shifting Customer Experience Expectations

Kimberly Meyer


As we all know, customers’ expectations of the service experience are continuously increasing, and technology is clearly a...

The Danger of Rising Warranty Costs from Whatever Proof Devices

Sebastian Bott

Our smartphones are one of our most precious possessions. Unfortunately, they are also fairly fragile, and an accidental drop or water spill can essentially put a pause our “digital lives”. At B2X, we’ve seen firsthand how frequent consumer induced hardware...

Successful Customer Service in the Mobile Era

Kimberly Meyer

Around the globe, consumers are increasingly dependent on their mobile devices to stay connected, conduct business and organize their lives. Time and again consumers confess that their mobile devices is more important than other things they probably couldn’t...

Managing Customer Care in Emerging Markets

Max Grabmayr

Fifteen years ago, mobile devices were just making their way into the developing world. Today, the level of access emerging markets have to mobile technology is catching up to developed world, and they’re eager to adopt more modern, sophisticated devices....

How the Amazon Fire Phone Could Transform Customer Service

Raul Sfat & Bobby Penn

Amazon, ever the customer-centric company, recently released its first smartphone, the Amazon Fire Phone. With it, the world's largest online retailer and creator of the highly successful Kindle e-readers and tablets, took on the challenge to redefine the way people interact...

Will Customers Become Winners or Losers in the Wireless Network Carrier Wars?


Although the wars between the wireless network carriers have been waging for some time, the fourth wave of monetization where digital services will drive the next trillion dollars in revenue, has lately become much more intense. In this warzone, the biggest challenge for...

A Necessary Paradigm Shift in the Service Supply Chain for Smart Mobile Devices


As the sheer number of devices continues to increase, and as each device grows in complexity, the need for service and support will exponentially expand as well. The current service repair model for smartphones is “swap spoiled,” meaning that almost every single device...

Putting the Customer First: Tips to Providing Ultimate Customer Care for SmartPhones

Raul Sfat

Today’s smart mobile market can be overwhelming; with more than 80 mobile brands loaded with hundreds of features, 10 platforms and thousands of accessories to choose from, consumers need help in selecting the right product.


This is where customer care...

Smart Mobile Device Customer Care Predictions 2014

Raul Sfat

Based on our team’s vast experience working with OEMs, Mobile Network Operators, Retailers and Insurers of smart mobile devices we have identified 8 key trends or predictions that we expect to help shape the customer care industry for 2014.

To kick off 2014 we’ve...

Technology is pushing the limits on smart mobile devices … and global customer service

Raul Sfat

Customer service is more important than ever as well-functioning smart mobile devices become increasingly critical to our lives. Technology is not only making better devices possible, but it is in turn enabling mind-blowing innovations in customer service as well. And it’s...

Who’s hardest on their smart phones? Tales and trends from the customer care trenches.

Raul Sfat

We’ve done some recent analysis on more than 5 million B2X customer service incidents worldwide, and the numbers show some clear trends.

For example, if you want a healthy smart phone, consider moving to a less extreme climate. Repairs are highest in countries like...

Retail Needs a Heart and Soul


“The future of retail is all about personalized service and education,” announced AT&T’s President of Retail Paul Roth in a recent interview with the web portal Roth is in charge of 2,300 AT&T stores throughout North America and he began...

To Return / Repair or Not to Return / Repair


Over the past decade as we exited the PC era and into the mobility era, there has been a fundamental shift on how products are serviced.  Many of us remember the field service agent from our favorite PC manufacturer dropping by our offices, laying out his tools out with...

Don’t delight me, just solve my problem


„Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers” is the title of a Harvard Business Review article that was published back in 2010. The authors try to get to the bottom of customer loyalty and conclude: “To really win their loyalty, forget the bells and whistles and just solve their...

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