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Customer care to fit your business


B2X delivers unparalleled after sales customer care solutions for consumer electronics manufacturers, retailers, mobile network operators and insurance providers. Our shared service delivery platform creates a one-stop-shop solution that ensures all customer service goals are aligned so you can grow your business while keeping customers happy from the start.

Consumer Electronics Manufacturers

B2X delivers efficient customer care solutions for manufacturers expanding into new markets, consolidating or outsourcing.

Consumer Electronics Retailers

B2X allows retailers to transform the retail experience through comprehensive reverse logistics and customer support solutions.

Insurance Providers for Consumer Electronics

B2X’s turnkey repair and replacement solutions for smartphones and tablets allow insurance providers to focus on customers.

Mobile Network Operators

B2X allows carriers to elevate their business through comprehensive reverse logistics and customer support solutions.


B2X Care Solutions

  • HEADQUARTER - Munich, Germany



  • Regional Headquarters



    India/Middle East