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B2X is a technology company providing customer care services for mobile devices and other consumer electronics to manufacturers, insurance providers, carriers and retailers. B2X helps its clients to deliver the most seamless customer care experience for people using mobile devices

The company‘s disruptive business model is based on its Smart Service Platform  consisting of its SMARTCARE Technology, global presence and a trusted and reliable service partner network across 140 countries. SMARTCARE Technology is the leading platform serving the global customer care ecosystem for electronic devices integrating hundreds of partners and thousands of data points. The platform allows clients to optimize the entire customer care journey of consumers with their devices through real-time data, ensuring an excellent and consistent customer care experience.

SMARTCARE Technology is a best-in-class enterprise architecture with a mix of self-developed and best-in-class components that is designed for purpose. The platform is scalable by design and can scale for millions of users. The entire platform is proven, modern, scalable and secure.

 With B2X people stay online and return to their digital life fast.

The B2X Smart Service Platform provides a global, end-to-end customer care solution that delivers from the moment your customer enters a store until they have a question or need to replace, repair or return a device quickly.

Our frontend solutions allow you to differentiate your business by offering clients an innovative customer service offering:

A smart “white label” shop-in-shop style in store concept for retailers, mobile network operators and manufacturers


A smart self-help tool that empowers consumers to learn and solve issues on their own


A smart support solution that answers consumer questions via email, live chat and phone


A smart way to provides instant help to customers using smartphones, tablets and computers.

Our backend solutions leverage our delivery platform to optimize and standardize reverse logistics operations:


A smarter way to manage global delivery and exchange of electronic devices


A smarter way to manage repair of electronic devices


A smarter way to manage parts planning, forecasting, warehousing and distribution


A smarter way to manage recovery, refurbishment, reselling or recycling of exchanged parts

The B2X Smart Service Platform facilitates global, end-to-end customer care solutions for smartphones and other networked devices. Our delivery platform supports customers from the moment they receive a device to when they have a problem, and all the way through the logistics and repair process.

B2X’s business model is unique: offer low up-front and per-transaction fees, deliver outstanding performance through our global SMARTCARE Technology and earn a bonus for cost savings and exceptional KPI scores. Unlike our competitors, we’re rewarded when clients save on customer care costs and end-consumers are happy.

As a one-stop-shop customer care provider, B2X can select the best partners for a given job – this may include vendors already in the client’s service chain. We are free to continually leverage the best the aftersales industry has to offer, because we don’t have major in-house equipment costs or overhead to support.

Traditional in-house aftersales services are often regarded as costly and fragmented. By working with partners in our global end-to-end system, we select the best providers to maximize volume efficiencies and leverage resources to greatly improve the bottom line, performance, and enhance customer experience. Clients that allow us to handle the entire end-to-end process see even better aftersales cost savings, up to 25%

B2X successfully manages the repair of over 2 million devices each year through its processes for clients such as Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Lenovo and Sony.

B2X focuses primarily on smartphone manufacturers, insurance providers, mobile network operators and retailers globally.

B2X’s innovative Smart Service Platform is optimized for assembling the right team for each job, in each industry, worldwide. A standardized customer process flows seamlessly across industries and verticals. It’s in our global DNA to develop insights and best practices. Lessons learned in one industry in one corner of the world are quickly implemented globally.

B2X manages the repair of over 2 million devices each year. This volume gives B2X tremendous leverage in the marketplace to negotiate favorable terms and motivate better, more innovative performance from its partners. Through our B2X Smart Service platform, we can identify excess costs, long turn-around times, and performance issues as they occur and correct them to maximize savings for the client.

The global B2X team combines deep expertise in all disciplines of the aftersales service value chain. We understand how to overcome our clients’ challenges because our executive team members originate from every aspect of the industry, from service, repair, and logistics, to Fortune 500 smartphone manufacturers, insurance providers, mobile network operators and retailers globally.

Rainer Koppitz CEO

B2X, a member of the Barkawi Group, emerged as the only global end-to-end customer care platform technology and services company in 2007.

B2X has approximately 900 employees, and trusted service partners operating in 140 countries.

B2X Care Solutions GmbH is based in Munich, Germany but operates throughout the world. Below are a list of our global locations:


Global Headquarters:
B2X Care Solutions GmbH
Baierbrunner Strasse 35
81379 Munich, Germany
Tel. + 49 89 4523 53-0


Mexico, Mexico City

Russia, Moscow


USA, Irving, TX

São Paulo, Brazil

Mumbai, India

Shanghai, China

Warsaw, Poland

UK, Glasgow



Yes. With a worldwide network of trusted service providers servicing customers in over 140 countries in 30 languages on 6 continents, we are part of the cultures in which we work. Whether a customer is in Brazil, Russia, India, or China, our clients enjoy the same agile, standardized end-to-end platform where services are delivered in a fully transparent way.

B2X is where our customers want to go. With our local presence across the globe and specialized focus on emerging and high-growth markets, clients can service customers anywhere in the world, and enter new markets quickly and cost-effectively.

It’s in our global DNA to share insights and best practices to enhance product performance and development. Lessons learned in one corner of the world are quickly implemented globally.

B2X serves customers and end-users in over 140 countries in 30 languages on 6 continents. B2X is present wherever customers have a point of sale.

B2X serves end-users in over 30 languages including German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Romanian, Czech, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Indian, Bulgarian, Polish, Hebrew, Thai, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Afrikaans, Bosnian, Finish, Greek, Serbian, Slovenian, and Slovakian.

B2X’s integrated SMARTCARE Technology provides end-to-end visibility for our clients.

SMARTCARE Technology is a best-in-class enterprise cloud platform that is designed for modern customer care. Our platform is scalable by design and can scale for millions of transactions. It has high availability and very high security and data protection. Modern architectural building blocks have been designed for a complete service oriented architecture, state-of-the-art integration points defined for external entities, proactive decision support system, adaptive presentation layers and on-device native application support for major operating systems. Through service based architecture we can connect our platform to any modern customer infrastructure.


SMARTCARE Technology Features


Data as a Service – SMARTCARE Technology ensures that real-time data from service interactions is available and visible throughout the customer care journey and flows throughout the ecosystem.


Process Automation – SMARTCARE Technology automates customer care processes (e.g., routing, partner selection, parts fulfilment, incident creation and self-diagnostics)


Data Analytics – SMARTCARE Technology uses the relevant customer care data to innovate processes, make the customer care ecosystem transparent, identify trends to prevent disruptions, monitor operations, predict problems. SMARTCARE takes data to action.


Self-Service – SMARTCARE Technology offers self-service capabilities to people when needed. On-device apps and web portals ensure quick and easy access to service from everywhere, at any time resulting in lower costs and customer satisfaction.



Excellent Customer Experience – Our SMARTCARE Technology delivers a great customer care experience resulting in higher customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and new cross-selling and revenue opportunities for our clients.


Reduces Complexity – When connecting to our SMARTCARE Technology platform, clients can utilize a global customer care ecosystem quickly while focusing on their core business. A trusted and reliable service partner network with real-time data integration is in place, globally.


Minimizes Costs – Our SMARTCARE Technology helps clients to optimize customer care processes with a focus on minimizing costs. Our learned best-practice processes and self-help capabilities diagnose and solve many issues, resulting in repair avoidance. 


Increases Agility – Through our global service partner network and our SMARTCARE Technology we shorten time to market for mobile clients as well as balance capacity across the globe.

Yes. B2X’s SMARTCARE Technology maximizes the most robust, state-of-the-art tools available.

The result is safe, continuous service and visibility even for extremely high volumes. B2X’s cloud platform significantly lowers IT entry costs and support requirements, and is scalable for any size of organization. B2X continually seeks out new innovations throughout the industry to provide the most reliable service and solutions possible.

B2X offers clients the choice between dedicated server infrastructure in its own data center, and secure, industry-leading cloud hosting with Amazon Web Services (AWS). B2X’s technology maximizes the most robust, state-of-the-art tools available.

Vendors and competitors enhance our business, and we enhance theirs. We innovate with our partners to go the extra mile for our customers, providing additional volume and cost efficiencies. Customers benefit from a leaner, more agile support team with greater cross-platform expertise. Partners benefit from greater volume and industry exposure.

Yes. B2X manages providers to leverage the best of the industry’s expertise for a new level of performance, cost savings, and customer experience. Clients that allow us to handle the entire end-to-end process see even better aftersales cost savings, up to 25%.

Currently 140 countries. All partners are continually screened and audited to ensure highest quality and availability to accommodate changes in repair volume.

We work with each client to establish performance standards that meet their specific needs.

Standards are typically based on measurable KPIs (key performance indicators) such as turnaround time, bounce rate, and spare parts consumption. Our platform tracks and scores KPIs on a regular basis. B2X technical engineers audit and assess our partners’ performance, and offer support to improve performance if needed.

Overall KPI scores are reported back to the client in granular detail.

Our integrated SMARTCARE Technology provides end-to-end visibility for our clients, and also for us.

Our platform tracks KPIs for partners on a regular basis to ensure they are performing well. B2X service managers know which partners are meeting targets, and can focus on helping any partners who may not be performing.

Generally, B2X can provide any services required in the customer care process. For specific tasks that require high specialization, B2X will bring aboard an appropriate partner.

B2X is changing the nature of the customer care experience, by innovating self-help and web based solutions and other front-end solutions that keep products out of repair centers, and in customers’ hands. For those units that do actually require repair, B2X sees it as an opportunity to improve the customer experience and raise the brand value.

B2X aligns all customer care activities in one streamlined, transparent end-to-end process from diagnosis and repair, to logistics and asset management.  We continually develop the effectiveness of our business, so each client can focus on its core business - and its customers. 

From the moment the customer has a service need, until a fully functioning product is returned to the customer; our integrated SMARTCARE Technology provides an experience that is fast, seamless, and efficient. B2X does well when our clients’ products do well.

We minimize people’s disruption from their digital lives and keep them always online.

People enjoy their digital life and want to stay always connected. When things go wrong with their mobile devices, they need instant help across all touchpoints – at any time, wherever they are, with immediate solutions. 

Our SMARTCARE Technology allows our clients to optimize the entire consumer journey with their mobile devices through visibility of real-time data and on device diagnostic capabilities to lead to an excellent and consistent customer care experience.

B2X adds value by supporting our clients’ relationships with their customers. We manage partners, vendors, and suppliers (including those selected by the client) to provide an optimal customer experience.

B2X’s agile global system gives it a local presence anywhere in the world. B2X can quickly and effectively provide regional solutions or workarounds for crisis situations. In the event of politically induced changes, B2X establishes a task force to build effective, customer-friendly solutions quickly.

Yes. It is also compatible with Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, and other leading ERP systems; aside from standard software packages, B2X can also integrate with other legacy and custom systems during the setup phase of any engagement.

Our integrated IT platform is intuitive and easy to use. If the business process is already in place, most users learn the software in a matter of hours with minimal training.

We have a two-level contingency plan is in place. First, the infrastructure automatically shifts tasks from the non-functioning server to alternate servers within the system. At the second level, tasks can be shifted to our certified and multilayered secured data center.

Real-time dashboard technology allows us to quickly collect, assess, combine, track, and analyze data across all aftersales activities. Reports can be generated in granular detail daily, weekly, or monthly.


B2X Care Solutions

  • HEADQUARTER - Munich, Germany



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