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Insurance Providers for Consumer Electronics


Global Lifecycle Partnership


With its Smart Service Platform B2X offers global customer care for insurance providers of smartphone devices and other electronic products. Ensuring high customer satisfaction, generating cost efficiencies, avoiding repairs and creating additional revenues are key benefits for insurance clients.


Insurance Providers often have to manage multiple service partners with unreliable performance and unclear costs. B2X resolves these issues through its cloud based technology for service network monitoring with real-time data. Customer experience is actively managed with generated insights while ad hoc cost savings opportunities are identified and implemented. Diagnostics support for repair prevention with our SMARTAPP plays a central role to ensure an excellent customer experience and cost avoidance for clients.


Benefits for Insurance Providers

High Customer Satisfaction


  • One-stop-shop for outstanding consumer experience globally
  • Real-time transparency for operational excellence
  • Personalized customer support across multiple touch points
  • On-device diagnostic support for immediate problem resolutions 
  • Fast and consistent claim handling

Cost Efficiency


  • Predictable performance and service fulfillment costs
  • Economies of scale in repair, logistics and inventory
  • Prevent claim calls through technology enablement
  • Lower process and administration cost on a global base  
  • Better calculation of premium to mitigate risks

After Sales Revenues


  • Enhance premium income through cross and upselling using multiple touchpoints and end-to-end communication
  • Insights and access to beneficiaries to foster a closer relationship
  • Retain and gain new customers by creating new innovative products 
  • Global operations platform for mobile insurance portfolio

  • B2X Customer Story | simplesurance



B2X Care Solutions

  • HEADQUARTER - Munich, Germany



  • Regional Headquarters



    India/Middle East