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Our Customers


Our customers can tap into the B2X Smart Service Platform to elevate their business.


As smartphones, tablets and other IoT devices have taken an increasingly central role in people’s lives today, players in the consumer electronics business need to deliver an ever more complex mix of customer care services on a global scale. Therefore, customer care operations need to evolve in the same way as the electronic devices they support. That’s where B2X comes in.


B2X is the leading customer care provider for smartphones and other IoT devices to manufacturers, insurance providers, carriers and consumer electronics retailers in more than 140 countries around the world.


Consumers depend on their devices to be reliable and available. And with the increased sophistication of user interfaces and constant innovation through new services, apps and hardware advancements, it’s important that customer service and after sales support can respond quickly to needs and new developments. Today’s customer care must also integrate with an ever-growing number of third party devices and services including connected home/auto and more. 


Through our Smart Service Platform, we are able to offer clients the highest standard for customer service and repair avoidance across the world, in addition to significant cost efficiencies and high customer satisfaction powered by our SMARTCARE Technology platform and global network of service providers.


B2X Care Solutions

  • HEADQUARTER - Munich, Germany



  • Regional Headquarters



    India/Middle East