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Frontend Solutions


SMARTAPP provides instant help to customers using smartphones and tablet computers – anytime, anywhere and on any device. SMARTAPP is delivered as an on-device app, available for all major mobile platforms. It can be easily customized and integrated into existing online solutions.


Enhanced by a powerful backend infrastructure, SMARTAPP enables manufacturer, insurance providers and sellers of electronic devices to deliver an innovative, cost effective and easy to use self-service experience to their customers. SMARTAPP will also effectively reduce no-fault found returns (NFF) for smartphone OEMs and network providers the same time it enhances the customer experience.




  • Improve the customer service experience by providing customers with an easy diagnostic and optimization tool 
  • Increase customer satisfaction by helping customers to resolve questions immediately on their own 
  • Reduce number of hardware and software related support calls to call centers  
  • Reduce the absolute number of devices being returned by effectively diagnosing the problem in advance
  • Identify device errors in real time to react fast  
  • Identify questions related to the device usage early in the service process to reduce returns  
  • Enables in-store or call center agents to better troubleshoot issues by accessing actual device and diagnostics data 
  • Optimize the cost for care by enabling users to get effective remote support from their trusted community or if needed by the OEM Care through a real time remote connection. 
  • Enables users to protect their devices from fraudulent app’s, malware attack 
  • Enables users to secure their own personal data by providing a personal data backup and restore option 
  • Enables users to transfer their personal data within few clicks 
  • Solution Brief


    SMARTAPP - An on-device self-help solution to improve the customer experience with smartphone devices.


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