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Winning with Customer Care Outsourcing: Four Key Success Factors in After-Sales BPO Projects

Rainer Koppitz


In my last blog post, we were dealing with the complexity of after-sales business process outsourcing (BPO). Smartphone and IoT brands rely on strong BPO partners to provide an excellent customer care experience across the globe. However, not many providers are in the position to offer a truly complete after-sales solution. Today, we will talk about what you should bear in mind when choosing your BPO partner.





1. After-Sales Competence and Operational Experience


As one of the few direct interfaces to your customers, after-sales service is a core process for every mobile and IoT brand. When selecting your BPO partner, rely on providers with proven after-sales service experience. With the increasing amount of different types of consumer IoT devices and numerous connected apps and services, the demand for seamless customer care is on the rise. For you as a manufacturer, outsourcing after-sales service to a competent partner is an efficient way of avoiding painful learning processes. Customer care requires special know-how and therefore this advice should be kindly taken to heart: Choose a BPO partner who can prove their competence based on success stories and who has achieved stable growth in after-sales service BPO for many years. This is the only way to avoid long learning curves, which you would want to bypass by outsourcing customer care.


2. Global Presence in 100 Countries or Even More


After-sales service is a truly global business. There are hardly any smartphone or IoT brands geographically limiting themselves. In addition to world market leaders like Apple and Samsung, emerging Chinese brands have been pushing into global markets for several years now. Even young IoT startups have the opportunity to expand globally shortly after their launch. You should rely on a partner who is able to support your global go-to-market. Your business can quickly expand to more than 100 countries. Select a BPO provider with global presence, and above all, a partner that can also help you in markets in which customer care is complex. Countries such as Brazil, India and Russia face numerous challenges because, for example, importing spare parts requires specialized knowledge or demanding consumer protection laws have special requirements. Rely on a partner for whom this is not new territory.


3. After-Sales Service from A to Z


Look out for the completeness of your BPO solution when choosing your partner. After-sales service includes many disciplines – from handling the first contact with your customers through online support and call centers, the repair of damaged devices in walk-in service or repair centers, to spare parts supply and the underlying technology platform. From our own experience, we know that the customer care experience breaks when different parties are involved in a process. A partner that offers you a complete, one-stop-shop solution will manage the entire customer care process and give you peace of mind, which is especially relevant when you are an emerging mobile or IoT brand wanting to fully concentrate on your core business.


4. Commitment to Mutual Success


Rely on a partner who, together with you, achieves your goals and has their skin in the game. In conventional BPO projects for back office functions such as accounting or procurement, providers charge for their services according to their time and effort. Savings you make by outsourcing rather than having your in-house organization backs the business case. According to our own experience, savings in after-sales BPO projects amount to 30 percent or more but simplicity, one-stop-shopping and converting fixed into variable cost are equally strong reasons for outsourcing. In the end, customer satisfaction will tell you whether your project is successful. Specialized after-sales BPO partners link some of their compensation to customer satisfaction or net promoter score and demonstrate their commitment to your mutual success.


Summary: With the sheer exploding number of consumer IoT devices in the coming years and numerous new players in the market, excellence in customer care is becoming increasingly important. However, due to the growing complexity it is becoming even more costly. As a result, new and established mobile and IoT brands will not be able to avoid using end-to-end BPO solutions for after-sales services. B2X works with established brands such as Apple, Samsung and Microsoft, but also partners with emerging IoT brands like Zerotech. If you want to know more about how we can support you in after-sales service BPO, please send us an email and follow B2X on LinkedIn!


Rainer Koppitz is CEO of B2X.

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