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Refurbishment & Reprocessing

Extend Lifecycle, Expand Market: Sustainable Refurbishment

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Extended Hardware Product Lifecycles – With B2X Refurbishment & Reprocessing

B2X's refurbishment and reprocessing solutions extend the life and value of hardware products, contributing to a reduced product carbon footprint and decrease in e-waste. By extending the circular chain of hardware lifecycles you can tap into new customer groups, offering them more affordable access to your high-tech products - a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Complete Service, Delivered From a Single Source

Benefit from the extensive B2X partner network when refurbishing and reprocessing products: We manage the collection and initial inspection of the devices, clean them and carry out any necessary repairs and upgrades. We also take care of the professional cleansing of any existing data, install new software, test, refurbish, repackaging and resale.

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Sustainability Beyond Refurbishment and Reprocessing

Reducing the environmental impact of hardware products goes far beyond refurbishment and reprocessing. Our ISO 14067-certified Carbon Impact Management solution helps you record, manage, and communicate your Product Carbon Footprint, enhancing your existing refurbishment and reprocessing solutions.

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Putting Circular Hardware Lifecycle Management into Action

Explore our case studies to discover the strategic and operational benefits your business can gain from our hardware lifecycle solutions.

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Take the Next Step: Digital Platform Services

Want to optimize your refurbishment and reprocessing operations even further? Our digital platform services will elevate your business and supply chain to new levels of integration and interaction with your partner network and customers. Our platform provides self-service capabilities, automates repetitive workflows, and consolidates data from multiple sources into a unified view.

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Refurbishment & Reprocessing: Let's talk!

Request a personal consultation to find out how B2X can help you to optimize your refurbishment and reprocessing operations.

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Additional Solutions

In addition to our hardware lifecycle solutions, our platform enables the digitization of your post sales services. And our carbon solutions empower you to manage your hardware lifecycles towards net zero.

Digital Platform Services: Improve your business to new levels of integration and interaction.

Carbon Impact Management: Predict and measure your product carbon footprint scope 3.