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Warehousing & Inventory

Streamline Supply Chains: Efficient Warehousing and Logistics

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Digital, Flexible and Scalable – B2X Warehousing & Inventory

B2X's warehousing and inventory solutions are built on our extensive experience of collaboration with leading international customers. In this regard, we've established an extensive partner network and merged it with our innovative digital logistics solutions: whether it's short-term or long-term storage, bulk inventories, or small series – B2X can cater to your needs.

Warehousing & Inventory With a Digital Twist

Are you facing issues like stock shortages, complex warehouse organization, or non-transparent supply chains? In the realm of warehousing and inventory planning, numerous pitfalls await technology manufacturers. B2X assists you in planning your spare parts and finished goods inventories using an intelligent, data-driven warehouse solution. With our real-time reporting tools, you can maintain a comprehensive overview with a transparent view of all orders and inventory levels.

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Efficient Inbound Logistics and Lean Supply Chains

The supply chain has become a critical success factor for brands across all markets worldwide. The common goal is to establish a high degree of control over the entire supply chain – from departure at the source warehouse to arrival at the destination. B2X solutions provide an enhanced degree of control over your replenishment order management process, as well as the import and brokerage of materials and goods. We enable transparent transport control – from the point of origin to the final destination.

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Putting Circular Hardware Lifecycle Management into Action

Explore our case studies to discover the strategic and operational benefits your business can gain from our hardware lifecycle solutions.

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Take the Next Step: Digital Platform Services

Want to optimize your warehouse and inventory management even further? Our digital platform services will elevate your business and supply chain to new levels of integration and interaction with your partner network and customers. Our platform provides self-service capabilities, automates repetitive workflows, and consolidates data from multiple sources into a unified view.

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Warehousing & Inventory: Let's talk!

Request a personal consultation to find out how B2X can help you to optimize your warehousing and inventory operations.

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Additional Solutions

In addition to our hardware lifecycle solutions, our platform enables the digitization of your post sales services. And our carbon solutions empower you to manage your hardware lifecycles towards net zero.

Digital Platform Services: Improve your business to new levels of integration and interaction.

Carbon Impact Management: Predict and measure your product carbon footprint scope 3.