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About B2X

The Specialists for Circular Hardware Lifecycle Management

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Building a Digital Post-Sales Services Platform

Karim Barkawi and a team of Barkawi Management Consultants founded B2X in 2008, seizing the opportunity presented by taking over global customer service and warranty operations of Siemens Mobile. Recognizing the potential of platform-based post-sales service solutions to revolutionize traditional after-sales setups, Karim embarked on a journey to build a digital platform. Today, B2X stands as a highly specialized provider of hardware lifecycle solutions, serving as the one-stop shop destination for companies seeking to transition from linear to circular hardware lifecycle management. Our platform facilitates the digitalization of post-sales services, while our carbon impact solutions empower our partners  to steer hardware lifecycles towards carbon net-zero.

The B2X Journey

With a foundation in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for customer service within the tech space, we have dedicated significant resources to advance our digital platform, expand service partner networks, and enhance post-sales operations capabilities. Today, B2X stands as a full service provider transforming hardware lifecycle management from linear to circular. Our solutions enable seamless integration of circularity into all hardware lifecycle phases.

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The B2X Platform

Since 2008, the B2X digital platform has managed some of the largest and most demanding hardware lifecycle and after-sales solutions in the market. Operating at scale, across diverse markets and product categories, our platform efficiently integrates and manages complex scenarios. Whether handling individual service incidents or orchestrating omnichannel networks, it provides a unified view of your global service performance, ensuring seamless customer experiences.

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The B2X Identity

B2X embodies dedication, innovation, and cross-functional teamwork on a global scale. With our roots near the Bavarian Alps in Munich, Germany, our heritage has been shaped by teams, customers, and partners worldwide. Since our inception, we have served as an independent partner, offering innovative, customized, and scalable circular hardware lifecycle solutions. Our DNA is defined by a commitment to continuous adaptation, innovation, and standardization to reduce complexity in every aspect of post-sales services.

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The B2X History



Karim Barkawi founded B2X as spin-off from Barkawi Group


First signature Customer

The first customer was BenQ-Siemens, who entrusted B2X with its warranty obligations  


Growth on international markets and worldwide Network

B2X commencing projects with prominent Mobile and Consumer Electronic leaders such as Sony, Motorola, Blackberry, Microsoft, Xiaomi, Samsung


Expansion to a worldwide service Network

The global fulfilment network kept growing and new features were incorporated into B2X’s technology platform


Increase of our product portfolio

B2X diversifies the business focusing on new industries verticals and enhanced hardware lifecycle services


Development milestone of our digital platform

Expansion of B2X tech platform solidifying its position as a one-of-a-kind digital platform in the post-sales-industry


Innovative technology launch

Implementation of the first distinct platform and portal solutions including self-help and self-repair features

10 Years of B2X and the Journey Continues

On the occasion of B2X's tenth anniversary, our company founder Karim Barkawi looked back at how the company came into being and provided an outlook on the future development of B2X. His vision proved to be accurate, as the most exciting time was still ahead. Today, we proudly stand as a leading provider facilitating the transformation of hardware lifecycle management from linear to circular.

The B2X Core Values


We are passionately dedicated to crafting, implementing, and managing tailor-made solutions for our customers. Embracing new ideas and change, we encourage every B2X employee to contribute ideas. Our cohesive teams unite to deliver unique solutions, presenting a unified face and approach to all customers.


Every day, we strive for continuous improvement, viewing ourselves as a cohesive and skilled team of service experts. Our commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions demands expertise, process know-how, and unwavering dedication. We invest in and support our teams, cultivating true service experts who understand our customers' needs and stay ahead of industry trends.


At B2X, we believe in fostering lasting relationships with our ecosystem, including employees, customers, fulfillment partners, and shareholders. In today's hyper-competitive markets, collaboration is essential to meet customer needs and provide impactful solutions that make a difference.


Our customers’ businesses are continuously transforming. We see courage as a prerequisite for B2X to manage continuous transformation and help our teams find the best solutions for our customers. We see courage as an enabler for decision making and for giving our employees the opportunity to take risks, decisions and the freedom to fail.


Integrity means that we are truthful and honest in all areas of life and in our professional work. Managing and delivering multi-facet service transactions on a global scale requires integrity. Integrity is the foundation of B2X and demonstrating this value is integral to gaining the trust of our coworkers, customers, shareholders, and the global B2X service partner world.

Circular Hardware Lifecycle Solutions 

B2X is the one-stop shop to transform your hardware lifecycle management from linear to circular. Discover our solutions below.

Hardware Lifecycle Solutions

We design, implement and operate a custom-made and holistic suite of services from product launch to end-of-life, transforming your product lifecycle from linear to circular.

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Digital Platform Services

We believe in data and digitization. B2X digital platform services will improve your business to new levels of integration and interaction.

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Carbon Impact Management

We predict and measure your product carbon footprint (PCF) and empower you to manage your hardware lifecycles towards carbon net zero.

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